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Real Estate Owned & Home

Owner Association Services

24-hour services available to our REO and HOA clients.

24-Hour Entry, Lock Installation, and Re-Keying Services Available.

* Residential and Commercial Services

* Initial Securing until COE (Close of Escrow)

* Master Key Systems

* Installation of Lockboxes and Padlocks per request.


Assistance with Eviction Lockouts as directed by the client and in compliance with local regulations and court orders. All eviction services are completed only in the presence of the client and local authorities.

For our protection and the protection of the client, we provide complete documentation with photographs of all trash and personal property present at the location. 

Protection services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Re-key all doors
  • Secure all garage doors and exterior gates
  • Utilize hasp and padlock where necessary
  • Install custom-coded lock boxes with backup key secured at the location
  • Provide any additional requested locks


Rekeys are scheduled to be completed the same day or within 24 hours.

As each location is rekeyed, the client is notified that the rekey is complete and is also advised of the condition of the property and any issues that may require immediate attention.

Following the completion of the rekey services, invoices are prepared and delivered via email to the requesting client.

All properties are placed on a maintenance schedule to ensure the property remains secured and is ready for showing. The frequency of the maintenance schedule will be determined by the client (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly).


C and S Locksmith Services, LLC will help you coordinate Cash for Keys transactions. We will inspect and photograph the premises when the keys are handed over to ensure that the property is left in the condition that was agreed upon in the Cash for Keys agreement (i.e. no vandalism or stripping of fixtures, plumbing, etc.). Then we will rekey and provide estimates for recommended work to prepare the property for resale.


Upon completion of all services; we will email an invoice for payment, photo's will be attached upon customer request.

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